BISAC to replace Dewey in the future?

The buzz surrounding the replacement of Dewey seems to be growing louder. Many librarians are saying that BISAC (Book Industry Standards and Communications system of classification) may take Dewey’s place.

I cringe to think of a world without the Dewey Decimal System. From my understanding, while some libraries are considering the change over to BISAC, they are hesitating because of the time and cost. To change over to a new system of cataloguing will require cataloguers, and then staff and patrons, to learn an entirely new set of categories and subdivisions. Tutorials will need to be created to assist both staff and patrons learn the new categories and cataloguers will have to take the time to learn new cataloguing rules and subject headings. New in-house rules will also have to be developed. And, as we are all well-aware, no classification system will provide descriptions for everything. As a result, there will be exceptions to the new categories and new subject headings or uses will have to be determined.

If you’re interested in learning about BISAC, here’s an interview with Dr. Lois Chan from the University of Kentucky. This first appeared on the August 6th edition of LibVibe.



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3 responses to “BISAC to replace Dewey in the future?

  1. David Gelsthorpe

    Hi Laurel,

    I’m doing some research for a new gallery at The Manchester Museum, UK. The gallery will be called nature’s library and will probably arrange things in a similar way to a library. Any tips on how best to arrange things so people can easily find things on their own?
    David (Curator of Earth Sciences)

  2. Laurel Tarulli

    Hi David, I’m working on a response. I hope you don’t mind if I email you at your contact email? I think it will be easier to exchange ideas and questions that way.

  3. David Gelsthorpe

    That would be great,

    Thanks, David

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