Cataloguing Braille Books for Children

Parents love to read to their children. Even before a child can read, we share stories through board books which introduce them to stories and word recognition. But what happens when your child is blind, or has a visual impairment?

Our library has recently been introduced to a collection of books through Seedlings. They take picture books and add a Braille overlay onto the existing text. This collection is new to our library, and will be new to our cataloguing department. A new collection code has to be created, a decision on where the items should be shelved has to be made, and access points need to be considered.

While I can create access points and a precedent for cataloguing these items (as most of you can as well), I’m hoping to hear from some of you because this is a relatively new collection for libraries. Do any of you have these books in your collections? If so, what type of cataloguing issues have you encountered? What type of feedback have you received?

I’m interested in how these items display in the catalogue. If they are treated as a separate collection, have you used a form field ($h) in your 245 tag? Have you continued to use the standard subject headings for picture books?



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3 responses to “Cataloguing Braille Books for Children

  1. Melanie
    You might consider contact the National Library Service for the Blind and the Physically Handicapped. They probably have some concrete suggestions based on lots of experience.

  2. Laurel Tarulli

    Thanks for the resource Melanie! That’s a great idea.

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