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CLA 2010: Slides from the Social Catalogues as Social Spaces Session

Having just arrived home this morning after taking the red-eye in from Edmonton, I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight. And, fighting off what seems to be a cold of some sort.

However, I did want to take the time to post my slides from the presentation which Louise and I gave on our research. I think the session went well, considering we were opposite a “Hot Topic” session, where one of the Panelists was Stephen Abrams. We could certainly hear them through the walls having a good time! Even so, our room was filled and, given the session was at 8:30, the attendees looked interested and asked a lot of follow-up questions.

There’s some great work being done in Canada right now, and lots of excitement and opportunities arising out of the energy and creativity in our libraries. Once I’ve had a chance to look back through my notes, I’ll be sharing some of the themes and interesting ideas that I observed.

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Research Grant Awarded for Examination of Social Catalogues

Dr. Louise Spiteri (Dalhousie University) and I have been selected as OCLC-ALISE research grant recipients for 2010. Dalhousie University’s School of Information Management issued a press release on our research and the award. As expected, the news release features Dr. Spiteri, but I’m extremely excited to be a co-researcher. We’re looking forward to examining social catalogues and presenting on our findings throughout 2010 and 2011.


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Social Catalogues – Slides in a more compatible format

In my last blog post, I uploaded the Powerpoint slides in the .pptx format, which opens easily only if you have the latest Office 2007 package.  So, I’m posting them here in the 1997-2003 format for all to access. 

Social Cataloguing Site: Features and Implications for Cataloguing Practice and the Public Library Catalogue

Social Catalogues: The New Face of the Public Library Catalogue

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CLA: Slides to the Social Catalogue Session

For those of you who are interested, here are the slides from the Social Cataloguing presentation that Dr. Louise Spiteri and I gave at CLA. 

Social Cataloguing Sites: Features and Implications for Cataloguing Practice and the Public Library Catalogue, presented by Dr. Louise Spiteri

Social Catalogues: The New Face of the Public Library Catalogue, presented by Laurel Tarulli

We welcome questions, comments, feedback and ideas!

*If you have trouble opening or accessing these slides, please contact me.

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CLA – Final Thoughts

A couple of days have now passed since I gave my presentation.  With over 100 attendees, resulting in a standing room only audience, I was very excited to see the interest among other professionals in social catalogues.  I think it went really well and I enjoyed myself immensely.  The audience was attentive, no one was looking at their program or dozing off, and lots of people were looking on with interest, smiles and nods (while writing notes too!)

The drawback for me and Dr. Louise Spiteri, my co-presenter, was that we only had 1 hour to present.  As a result, we ran out of time to finish the presentation – a lesson on our part and unfortunate for our attendees, because we weren’t able to share all of our ideas about how to choose a social catalogue for their library or provide them with tools and ideas on how to introduce social features (mainly free features) into library catalogues.

The feedback and interest was overwhelmingly positive, so I will be posting my presentation as well as Dr. Spiteri’s on this blog shortly (I didn’t get home until 1:00 am this morning, but the slides are coming).  This will allow all of you, as well as those who attended, to view our slides and contact me and Louise with questions, ideas, or to share what you are doing in your library.

I have the opportunity to present this session again next Thursday, June 11th, at the APLA conference in Halifax.  Prior to giving this presentation, there are a few changes I will be making.

First, I think that I need to emphasize what we are doing right and what we excel at.  Talking with Louise, she stressed the importance of emphasizing what we do well while offering suggestions on improvements to our catalogue.  As always, we want to support these suggestions with evidence as to why we should even be considering putting the effort into these enhancements.  Louise’s research assists in this regard, as does OCLC’s new report: Online Catalogues: What Users and Librarians Want. Also, I will be trimming down my slides and presentation, focussing on ideas and examples so that I can finish in the scheduled time.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at CLA this year.  It was great to meet other professionals across Canada and listen to what is happening in libraries throughout the country.  I feel re-charged, full of energy and excitement to jump back into work and focus on projects in my library. 

Now that I have one major presentation under my belt, I hope to do more!

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