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Humour: It’s a book!

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Humour: Old Spice Guy talks about libraries

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Video: Dewey Humour

Thought you’d appreciate this video of a very avid supporter of Dewey. Okay, not quite how we want to speak to patrons, but definitely a good laugh!


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Libraries to start lending money

This isn’t related to cataloguing, but it’s nice to post something lighthearted every so often.

NewsBiscuit  posted the story Libraries to start lending money.  It begins with:

In its latest bid to kick-start the nation’s ailing economy, the government has announced that public libraries will extend their current range of services to include the lending of money. From today, customers borrowing books will also be able to take out financial loans for a period of three weeks, though it may be possible to renew the terms of these agreements provided no other customer is waiting to borrow the cash. More…

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