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Changes in LC Subject Headings: Resource for Authority Work

Joyce Ogden out of Olympia, Washington recently sent me an email telling me about her work as the compiler/publisher of Library of Congress Changed Subject Heading Subdivisions. Ms. Ogden, though now retired, has been in the cataloguing world since she graduated from library school in 1954 and, impressively, has worked in a variety of libraries for over 40 years.

In an effort to reach more of us cataloguers and to spread the word about this annual publication, Ms. Ogden asked if I would be willing to post something on my blog for those of you not familiar this handy resource on LC authorities. Of course, I’m more than happy to do just that! So, here’s a little summary about the publication and a link to the website:

The 2010 edition of “Library of Congress Changed Subject Heading
” is now available! Your library will need the latest
edition for your subject catalogers and authority workers to use in
updating older catalog copy. Between “–Addresses, essays, lectures”
and “–Zoning maps”, this year’s fully cumulated and enlarged
compilation now contains over 2,200 changed, discontinued, and
re-arranged LC subdivisions. The new edition includes changes through
July 2010..

Single orders (ISBN 978-0-9726688-8-0) are available for $20.00
per copy postpaid. Send a regular library purchase order to me at
address, 2924 28th AV SE, Olympia WA 98501. (Telephone and e-mail
orders also accepted with your Purchase Order #).

Standing orders (ISSN 1543-916X) may also be placed directly with me or
through your regular dealer such as EBSCO or Blackwell



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Cataloguing Potpourri

A couple of interesting items for discussion have come across various listservs lately. So, while many of you may have seen the following items, I thought I’d post them for those who haven’t.

Article of Interest
After losing users in catalogs, libraries find better search software
This is an article by Marc Parry in the Chronicle of High Education.
Here’s a sampling of what’s discussed:

The problem is that traditional online library catalogs don’t tend to order search results by ranked relevance, and they can befuddle users with clunky interfaces…

…That’s changing because of two technology trends. First, a growing number of universities are shelling out serious money for sophisticated software that makes exploring their collections more like the easy-to-filter experience you might find in an online Sears catalog.

Second, Virginia and several other colleges, including Villanova University and the University of Rochester, are producing free open-source programs that tackle the same problems with no licensing fees.

A key feature of this software genre is that it helps you make sense of data through “faceted” searching, common when you shop online for a new jacket or a stereo system. Say you type in “Susan B. Anthony.” The new system will ask if you want books by her or about her, said Susan L. Gibbons, vice provost and dean of Rochester’s River Campus Libraries. Users can also sort by media type, language, and date.

Discussion Paper addressing the subject access treatment for cooking and cookbooks
This came across several listservs, but as they are asking for feedback, I’m reposting the announcement in its entirety.

In response to a long-standing and generally recognized need to modernize the subject headings treatment for cooking and cookbooks, the ABA Policy and Standards Division (PSD) of the Library of Congress is in the initial planning stages of a project to revise the headings used in this area. A discussion paper has been posted. Tentative decisions have been made about some aspects of the project; for other aspects, various options are under consideration and no decisions have yet been made. PSD invites public comment on the plans described in the discussion paper.

In recognition of public interest in this topic and of the enormous number of subject heading revisions involved, as well as the volume of materials affected by this policy decision, comment is encouraged. Interested parties are invited to send comments on these plans to Libby Dechman at edec@loc.gov. The deadline for comment is December 1, 2009.

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Cataloguing Potpourri

While I’ve been on holiday, there have been some interesting cataloguing posts and information made available. Here’s a sampling:

Beyond the Dewey Decimal System – Washington Times, June 23, 2008

EBSCO and ATLA to Create Digital Archives for Purchase

Karen Calhoun’s New Blog

LC’s Task Force on Competencies and Education for a Career in Cataloging – Minutes
Not only are the minutes from ALA’s mid-winter meeting up, but the Task Force is now moving ahead on their projects. More to come on this as we gather information and start pulling together our resources. This is a first for me, so I’m excited to let you know about my own experiences on this task force.

LSCH on the Web

PALINET presentations

RAPI: Another open-source OPAC

Why do we Dewey? PLA 2008 session handout

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