A new year and perhaps, a bit more blogging too!

Although my posts are few and far between, I am attempting to get back on track in this New Year.  With the New Year, there are many new opportunities and challenges ahead.  I’m teaching a new (to me) course as Dalhousie University – Cataloguing & Classification II.  It’s an interesting change from last semester.  The Organization of Information class is really all about ideas and theories.  While introducing existing models, it’s a time to explore and talk about the abstract.  The first year MLIS students were a great group of young professionals and met the demands I placed on them;  namely, having to think critically about the profession and the application of organizing information beyond that of a position in cataloguing.

With Cataloguing & Classification II, I am entering a FRBR, FRAD and RDA world.  One in which, up until now, I have only had to understand at a superficial level.  With these models in their infancy while attending school for my own MLIS degree and not having a need for understanding it in any depth while in my last position, I am now delving into the interesting, confusing and fascinating world of FRBR and RDA.  Given that my current group of students are but steps away from graduating, it’s important to me that I not only provide them with an understanding of these models, their importance in the future of cataloguing and how to apply/implement them, but to also expose them to the very real threats to the future existence of cataloguing and cataloguing departments.  This involves new skill sets, navigating the changing demands and nature of cataloguing and how far these skills carry beyond that of the cataloguing department.  Of course, for now, I’m simply facing Friday’s class, which focuses on RDA.

In addition to teaching, I’m now in full writing mode to complete my second book (fingers crossed) by the end of March.  This book will focus on the education of cataloguers.  Appropriate, now that I’m teaching in that area and spending much of my time determining what it is our future and current cataloguers need to succeed.

What I am learning about this new career path is that I am able to accept many more opportunities that are important to me in contributing to this profession.  I am writing, reviewing, editing and teaching.  This is a fulfilling role and one that teaches me that I have so much to learn and hopefully, to contribute in shaping the cataloguing profession.  For those of you who know me, it’s a perfect balance between my professional life and my personal life (which allows me to raise my daughter, Millie).  Of course, there are times when I feel I’m making a deadline by the “seat of my pants” but, I think we all feel that way at times.  But I am enjoying the ride and all of the opportunities that I’m fortunate enough to receive.

So with that in mind, I will attempt to make this a better blogging year (I know, promises, promises) and to continue to seek out new ways to participate in an awesome profession.


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2 responses to “A new year and perhaps, a bit more blogging too!

  1. LynneW

    Welcome back, Laurie! I do hope you will share some of your insights with the rest of us on occasion, especially related to FRBR, RDA, and the eternal question: how far does the average library need to go in adopting these new standards?

  2. Laurel Tarulli

    Thanks Lynne. I’ll do the best I can with FRBR and RDA. This is the first time I’ve really had the opportunity to delve into it and it’s out of necessity. How can I teach it if I don’t understand the pros and cons? The extent of changes and how/if/when we should create RDA compliant records is really interesting and I hope to touch on this in the near future in a blog post.

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