Managing Expectations and Early Arrivals

Managing Expectations

Over a month ago I started a post called Managing Expectations.  The post was centered around what a professional expects of him/herself and/or their colleagues.  I’ll admit, my expectations are high, both for myself and those I work with throughout the profession.   Rarely disappointed, I do have to remind myself often that we must set realistic expectations and goals.  For example, when I started this post originally, I was 8 months pregnant and despite my best efforts, having trouble meeting the demands of a full-time job, blogging, juggling additional professional commitments and pregnancy in general.  In fact, I started to realize that prioritizing my expectations and setting realistic goals were very important so that the quality of the work I do is not compromised.  And, I think that’s what I learned most since I started writing this post (mainly in my head).  You can’t control certain events in your life, but you can manage your expectations and be realistic about what you want to achieve and what the end outcome should be.  Above all else, maintaining a sense of integrity and open-mindedness is essential.  It’s with setting realistic goals and maintaining a certain standard for yourself that you reflect a professional demeanor and reputation – and that saying “no” at times is key is maintaining that reputation and standard of work you expect from yourself.  I hope to get back to my original post soon and provide a more thoughtful and deep discussion, but I believe many of you are aware of how thin we spread ourselves – and how in doing so, we still expect our output to be exceptional – or worse, we know that our output is just “good enough” but we don’t want to disappoint, so we say yes to certain projects anyway or rush through work and or respond to emails without truly reading those emails.   (Ever done that? )

Early Arrivals 

Unfortunately, I never finished this post because I had some complications at the end of my pregnancy which led to bed rest, hospital stays and eventually, the birth of our baby daughter, Amelia Laurel Tarulli, born Tuesday, March 29th.  After a 5 day stay in the hospital, we are now finally home.  Talk about managing expectations!   Attempting to blog, write or even eat seemed too much of a task leading up to Amelia’s arrival and gave me time to think about professional goals while I’m off on maternity leave.  While I’ll be off on maternity leave for 10 months, I will continue to blog and write.  However, over the next couple of months, I’ll have to practice my “managing expectations” mantra as I figure out the motherhood/professional balance.  I know I’ll be active and writing as I was thinking of blog posts while still in the hospital (those moments where my every thought wasn’t centered on Amelia).  So please, be patient.  The Cataloguing Librarian blog will continue, but the frequency of the posts may be a bit less for the next month or two.

And now, for a picture of the baby.  Perhaps our next Cataloguing Librarian?



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7 responses to “Managing Expectations and Early Arrivals

  1. Beautiful! And congratulations again. Yes, don’t expect to have the same productivity as usual in the next couple of months 🙂

  2. Awww! Thanks for posting a picture of your daughter. Best wishes to you both.

  3. frances

    Many congrats Laurel, she is gorgeous. Although you will be sleep deprived…and forget long soaks in the tub…… you are about to enter the best times of your life. Do NOT fall into the guilty trap that you cannot do everything….these years with your beautiful baby daughter will not come again…..cataloguing will always be here waiting for your return. But yes, blogging is a great way to blow off steam and keep the professional side of your now overloaded brain functional.
    Best regards,
    Frances O’Regan

  4. Melanie

    Congrats! We certainly understand that such a big change (amazingly small creature for such a big change) will mean a re-balancing of priorities.

  5. Barbara Ittner

    Hearty Congrats to you, Laurie! I have sent you a couple of emails–not sure you’re checking that address these days. No pressure, but would love to touch base when you’re ready. Enjoy your new role as mommy!

  6. I’m a little late on the band wagon, but just came across your blog! congrats on the new baby girl! They grow fast so she needs to be priority number 1!

  7. Congrats on your beautiful baby! I look forward to following your posts when you return!

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