Yesterday’s ALCTS Webinar on RDA – Recording and Slides Available

For those of you who weren’t able to attend the free ALCTS webinar – RDA Ask-the-Experts, the audio recording and slides are now available. I’m one of those individuals who wasn’t able to attend it yesterday – so I’m looking forward to taking some time to listen to it and review the presentations.



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2 responses to “Yesterday’s ALCTS Webinar on RDA – Recording and Slides Available

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  2. abi

    I don’t know how other catalogers feel, but I was incredibly disappointed by this presentation. I felt it was valuable because it really showcased that people who have been teaching/training/using RDA, still can’t answer the simple question of how this will benefit libraries and library users.

    Basically they told us it won’t benefit anyone until we get new systems that will accommodate it. Systems that have not been built yet. Essentially we are creating a cataloging scheme for how we think library databases will be constructed in the future. I kinda think it should be the other way around, and that presentation has totally convinced me that switching over to RDA now would be a *huge* mistake.

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