Cataloguing Humour: Patron Saint of Cataloguing

Who would you pick to be the patron saint of cataloguing?  St. Minutia, of course!

Here’s an excerpt:

June 21, 762 A.D.
Death of St. Minutia, patron saint of catalogers. The birth date of St. Minutia is unknown. The only reliable chronicle has an unlucky lacuna: “Sa. Minutia in […….an]no domini nata est”, where only the last two missing letters can be supplied with any certainty. Vitae of the saint written later naively abbreviate the “…no domini” as ‘n.d.’, and this is the form traditionally cited for her birth. Minutia is said to have been born in the former Roman province of Nova Panonia (part of the present day Czech Republic), in the village of Sineloco (modern day Odnikud). Her time and place of birth, therefore, are usually given as “s.l., n.p., n.d.”

You can find out more about our esteemed patron saint on the Great Moments in Technical Services History page.

And, a thank you to Celine (@cjclib) and Becky (@yo_bj) for posting this on Twitter!



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2 responses to “Cataloguing Humour: Patron Saint of Cataloguing

  1. Love it! And LOVE the time line on Great Moments…

  2. Laurel Tarulli

    I know! – isn’t it great?

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