My book is going to meet its deadline!

So, many of you may be wondering, why hasn’t the Cataloguing Librarian written anything meaty lately?  What are her thoughts on the growth in popularity of mobile apps?  What about the future of social catalogues?  Or, in general, why hasn’t she written on cataloguing or management issues lately?

While I have some ideas drafted, the true reason is because I’ve been working hard to complete my first book before it’s deadline – which is tomorrow!  Fortunately, the entire book is now written and I’m spending the rest of today and tomorrow doing some preliminary editing and formatting.

For those of you who are interested, the working title  is “The Library Catalogue as a Social Space: Promoting Patron Driven Collections, Online Communities and  Enhancing Readers Services” and, if all goes well, will be published in the Summer of 2011 by Libraries Unlimited.

So, once the manuscript has been submitted, you’ll be hearing more from me than just re-posts from other blogs or interesting tidbits.

In the meantime, Happy Holidays to all of you and I hope you’re enjoying all of your seasonal get-togethers and parties!



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