50 Excellent Library Science Blogs Worth Reading

For students, educators and even active professionals, the Librarian Master site has gathered 50 of what they deem to be the top library blogs. From the About  statement of the website, “Master of Library Science strives to provide readers with the best information available about library science degrees. Additionally, we hope to offer valuable information about career opportunities and more in this field”.

I thought I’d post this because it’s always nice to see if there are new blogs or old ones of interest that we haven’t been reading lately.  It’s a nice way to see what others are saying about our profession and in various areas.



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5 responses to “50 Excellent Library Science Blogs Worth Reading

  1. Unfortunately, that site is yet another blog-full-o’-lists that mostly exists to publicize a group of for-profit educational institutions; these days, you can almost predict that any neatly-delimited set of 50 or 100 library blogs (or any other kind of blogs) will be on such a site.

    Indicators: At least one of the blogs hasn’t been updated in over a year, but has been on other old lists. And if you go to the About, you get a list of the “top” MLS programs…many of which are neither accredited nor ML[I]S programs.

  2. Laurel Tarulli

    Hi Walt,
    I was talking with Gary Price over at ResourceShelf today and he and I noticed the same thing – ResourceShelf and the other top blogs from the Salem Press Library Blogs List http://salempress.com/Store/pages/announcing.htm were also not included in the above link. That’s a list of blogs worth reviewing!

    One of the things Gary mentioned, which I think is a brilliant idea, is to create more than just blog lists, but rather feature best of posts and links to blogs that are of real value to our profession – including timeless posts that are extremely interesting or of lasting value. Sometimes those are the posts that get buried, but are of tremendous value to all of us in the profession.

    Likely, this is a project Gary and I may work on in the future!

  3. Jim

    You might be interested in a page I created that helps me to keep up on news in the field. All you do is click on the ones you want. It’s about as simple and easy as anything I’ve found, plus anybody can use it: http://www.galileo.aur.it/opac-tmpl/npl/en/pages/news/librarynews.html

  4. Laurel Tarulli

    Hi Jim,
    Thanks for sharing the resource you created. I’ve only had a chance to explore it a bit, but it looks (wow) very interesting – especially for the academic side of the profession! It sounds like you created it initially to help you keep up on your professional readings/latest news. Any thoughts of expanding further for the wider professional audience (more inclusion of additional cataloguing areas/professional areas)? It certainly can be useful to a lot of us!

    And, I’d also like to point out the good ol’ resources LisNews http://www.lisnews.org/ and Weblogs/LISWiki’s blog list http://liswiki.org/wiki/Weblogs. Both of these are also helpful – but not as well organized Jim’s resource!

  5. Thanks for sharing your idea. Gary mentioned one thing here, To create more than just blog lists, but rather feature best of posts and links to blogs that are of real value to our profession. This idea increases the value of the blog.


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