CLA 2010: Slides from the Social Catalogues as Social Spaces Session: PART II

On June 6th, I posted the slides from the presentation given by me and Louise (Spiteri). At that time, I didn’t have the presentations from our co-presenters to post. For background, our session was presented with three colleagues from Edmonton Public Library – Michael Dell, Peter Schoenberg and Martina King. I’d like to thank them for giving me permission to post them here.

While Michael provided an excellent overview of what social catalogues are, a handful of examples and comparisons, Peter and Martina spoke about Edmonton Public Library’s implementation of the Canadian product BiblioCommons.

These presentations were excellent and really rounded out the session to provide the attendees with a complete overview of what social catalogues are, why research is needed to determine their use and importance, and a “real-life” example of a social catalogue in use. Of course, that’s just my opinion as a co-presenter, but I really enjoyed myself.

For me, however, one of the rewarding parts of this session was meeting Michael, Peter and Martina. I have been speaking with them over the phone for months, and exchanging emails, but it was really nice to meet these energetic and forward-thinking professionals.
So, for those of you interested in seeing the slides for the presentations given by the EPL folks, here they are!

What is a social catalogue? presented by Michael Dell, Edmonton Public Library

Library Catalogues as Social Spaces, a shift in the public library catalogue and its function in libraries, presented by Peter Schoenberg and Martina King, Edmonton Public Library


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