CLA 2010

The Canadian Library Association Conference is taking place this week in Edmonton, Alberta.

I’m looking forward to attending the conference and presenting a session with Dr. Louise Spiteri (Dalhousie), and colleagues from Edmonton Public Library, Peter Schoenberg, Michael Dell and Martina King. Our session called (D-27) Library Catalogues as Social Spaces: A Shift in the Perception of the Public Library Catalogue and its Function in Libraries. is Friday morning at 8:30.

While I won’t be going into too much detail about my own writings and ideas on this topic, I will be presenting on why Louise and I began our writing, presenting and researching partnership, the value in working together and, overall, the foundation with which we’ve built our theories and research. Louise will then present on our OCLC/ALISE funded research. While I’ll only be able to talk on this very briefly, I hope that those of you who can attend will ask questions, or come up afterward to talk with me and introduce yourselves.

I’ll also be wandering about and attending numerous sessions throughout the rest of the conference. When in doubt, you’ll find me in sessions that deal with keywords such as metadata, social, collaborative, technology, community, Readers’ Advisory services, open source and discovery.

And, of course, I’ll be blogging as time allows. So, for those of you unable to attend a session, or were unable to make it to the conference, you can catch up on some of the main themes of the conference here! And, if you attended the same sessions that I write about, I always welcome opinions and different perspectives!

So, on to Edmonton we go.



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3 responses to “CLA 2010

  1. Great presentation! I think the findings of your research will help shape the future of library initiatives online. I look forward to hearing your perspective on mobile devices and their impact on library use.

  2. Laurel Tarulli

    Thanks Chad! It was a pleasure meeting you and we will definitely be in touch!

    I’m very impressed by your iPad/iPhone apps for the catalogue and will be exploring them further.

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