That’s right, I’m a cataloguing librarian and I run too!

A couple of years ago I received a compliment from an individual…at least, I think it was a compliment. When this gentleman asked me what I did for a living, I told him I was a librarian. He looked shocked, stating “you look too sporty to be a librarian”. At first I thought…hmmmm, “too sporty, how?” Too sporty as in, “you look like a scary rugby player?” “You look like someone I wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley?”

But, you know what? I think he was right, in a way. I don’t wear my hair in a bun, I’m known for my shoe collection (and believe me, they are NOT sensible!) and I LOVE fashion. But I also like sports – running, Pilates, kayaking, baseball, etc. and many other things.

I think his comment was a realization for him, as an older gentleman, that the “idea” of a librarian is different than the reality of a librarian. In this case, it was the physical “idea”, but we can all understand the myths, stereotypes and ideas associated with our skills and responsibilities. We’re reminded of this on a daily basis!

Today, I wanted to share the “you look too sporty to be a librarian” side of my life. So, in my other life, not as the Cataloguing Librarian, but plain ol’ Laurel Tarulli, I thought I’d post two photos from this past weekend. I participated in the Bluenose Marathon in my hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia. While I wasn’t brave enough to do the half or full-marathon, and I could have likely run the 10K with no problem, I started with the 5K this year.

The pictures below are of me just after I crossed the finish line and with two of my friends, who also ran the 5K. My time? 26:45:4. I came in 11th for my age group (out of 332) and 53rd overall for women running the 5K (979 in all). My next challenge: a 10K in August and hopefully, in a year or so, a half-marathon.

So, yeah, I am “sporty”. I’m a librarian and I’m a whole lot of other things too!



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4 responses to “That’s right, I’m a cataloguing librarian and I run too!

  1. Well, I guess I’m a “sporty librarian” as well, though in my case, I am in fact also a scary rugby player! I played the game for over a dozen years, and at a reasonably high level. I’m also 6’5″, so even if I didn’t have my rugby history I’m more imposing than most.

    I admit that I actually am amused more than concerned about librarian stereotypes, and since I tend towards argyle sweaters and corduroy blazers, I’m not doing much to help.

  2. Laurel Tarulli

    Daniel, with your height, you might fall into the “I wouldn’t want to meet you in a dark alley” category too!! Just kidding! You did make me laugh about falling into the “scary rugby” type! Good for you, it’s a great sport!

    I think your attititude about being amused, rather than concerned is absolutely spot on! I enjoy hearing the stereotypes – some of them apply to me, others don’t. But it’s the same in any profession. It’s amazing the talents and interests that I’ve encountered among my colleagues. The diversity and interests never fail to interest me.

  3. LOL! A friend of mine was working on a mystery novel in which the main character is a librarian. It was rejected by an agent because “librarians do not cuss” and the novel had a few, er, colorful phrases when the librarian discovered the dead body.
    Congrats on the 5K! I’ve tried running but find that walking is more my speed (no, seriously, it is). And Daniel – rugby, WOW. That’s a hard-hitting sport!

  4. Laurel Tarulli

    Carol -Now that’s funny! Although I’m sorry to hear your friend’s book was rejected due to the “fictional” qualities attributed to the librarian!! Obviously, the editor doesn’t know any librarians personally. I think we can all be accused of using a few choice words now and again!

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