Popularity of Library Cats

Okay, it’s Friday and I think there are just some Fridays that we can all use an “awwwww” moment.

In this weeks’ AL Direct, there was an article about the library cat, Maggie, called Trustee doesn’t think library cat is purr-fect. It got me thinking…just how many library cats are there out in the world?

I admit, I’m a cat lover. In fact, I love my cat so much that I give her insulin shots twice a day for her diabetes. But, when she’s curled up around my books, taking a nap in the sun, or sitting on my lap while I work, how can I not love her? What about those times she’s putting on a show, stretching and posing until she realizes…Whoops!…she’s too close to the edge of the table!

So, in honour of all of those library cats out there, I found a site that lists all of the cats in libraries around the world (or, at least, all of the cats in libraries they know about!).

Enjoy your Friday, and enjoy your weekend!

(*The cat above is Madison Alcott, my very own adorable feline)



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2 responses to “Popularity of Library Cats

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  2. Come and visit me at my blog and see what a real working library cat does everyday, it’s exhausting!
    I work at the Independence Public Library in Independence, Kansas.

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