What’s happened to the Cataloguing Librarian?

Lately, it feels as if I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants, trying to balance work, life and writing! The Cataloguing Librarian blog is here to stay, but I’m behind on my blog and professional reading – which has resulted in fewer posts for the past two months.

Within the next two weeks we are physically relocating our Collection Access department (aka Cataloguing dept) to a new branch across town. This, combined with year end (cataloguing backlog), the launch of our new catalogue and the opening of this new branch (meaning a push on all items to that branch) has resulted in long work days and exhaustion in the evenings.

I have a few ideas simmering that I can’t wait to share. This includes thoughts on our new catalogue at HPL, Foursquare, Wolfwalk at NCSU (and its potential for public libraries) and the exploration of libraries without people and books – jumping off from James R. Lund’s recent column “A vending library is no library” in the April 15, 2010 Library Journal issue. I’m also excited to share more ideas on social catalogues (ideas are already buzzing around in my head!)

The next few months will be busy so please be patient. Our department will be settling into our new home and adjusting to life in a branch, rather than a stand-alone location separate and apart from any library branch. I’m looking forward to sharing that experience with you! Also, I’m almost at the halfway point in my first book, The Library Catalogue as a Social Space: Promoting Patron Driven Collections, Online Communities and Enhancing Readers Services – but, work continues on that front. And finally, the OCLC research project with Dr. Louise Spiteri will be in full swing in May and we’ll be preparing for a presentation on this research for CLA in Edmonton (June 2-5).

However, I will continue to blog as time allows and have no plans to take a break from blogging during this time. In fact, I’m hoping that the excitement from the relocation, writing, research and conferences (CLA and ALA) will provide a wealth of ideas and information to share with all of you! And, like many of you, I tend to accomplish more when I’m swamped with deadlines and projects.

I hope all of you continue to enjoy the Cataloguing Librarian!


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  1. Well, this is where RSS feeds come in handy…if you take a little time off from blogging, your next post will still appear in my reader, whether I remember to check it or not.

    In the meantime, good luck with the move! Hopefully your department is jumping to a better space.

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