Daily Archives: March 2, 2010

A Patron’s Suggestion Makes My Day

Okay, confession.  I think about social catalogues more than is probably healthy.  During the day, at night, on weekends…in the car while I’m drinking my Tim Horton’s… 

But, there are some days when you do wonder, just why am I doing this?  Is it worth the time and energy?  The stress?  But, then you receive a suggestion like this from a patron, and you think with a smile, that’s why.

Here’s the suggestion:

“Combine your website with social networking web technology so that when people put items on hold, they have the option to connect with other library users who have also put that item on hold at some time.  I got this idea as it occurred to me that I’d like to chat with other library patrons who might share similar interests.  I’d put a book on hold, such as “Songwriters on Songwriting”, and think how fun it would be to find other local people who share my interests in songwriting; others who would have also signed out this book.”



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