Audio Conference: Social Catalogues and Readers’ Advisory Services

Social Catalogues and Readers’ Advisory Services —
Building trust, promoting community and enhancing RA services outside the physical library

On March 17th, I’ll be giving my first audio conference. I haven’t panicked yet and I have a full month before the event, but I imagine that I will be quite nervous in the days leading up to it. Given that it’s St. Patrick’s Day, I’m hoping I have the luck of the Irish with me that day – a little extra charm and charisma!

If you’re interested joining the audio conference, there are two ways you can do this. In Canada, it is being offered through EI, the Education Institute and, in the US, through Neal Schuman. I would imagine that if you live outside Canada or the US, you will be able to sign up for conference through these providers as well.

Here’s the summary on the conference:

Social catalogues are changing the way we think of the library catalogue. No longer an inventory but a place, what role will the next generation library catalogue play in readers’ advisory services? Through suggesting reading ideas to tagging, social catalogues have the potential to break out of the library and bring readers’ services to the reader. This session will explore why and how readers’ advisors and technical services’ staff should be working together, and the benefits of collaboration.

I hope that many of you will be able to attend. And, while there will be time left for questions at the end of the conference, for those of you who would like to contact me after the event, please feel free to email me or contact me through the blog.



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2 responses to “Audio Conference: Social Catalogues and Readers’ Advisory Services

  1. Count me in – this is an area I have been very curious about!

  2. Laurel Tarulli

    Great Jason!

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