How users find the library catalogue

I have been doing a lot of reading lately on library catalogues and the future of the library catalogue as I write my book. With the amount of information that I’ve read, and the seemingly endless amount of literature on the subject, I fluctuate between extreme excitement for our future, frustration at the slow progression we’ve made and an overwhelming thankfulness that I am part of such an interesting, collegial and fascinating profession!

One of the most interesting ideas that I’ve been reading about and exploring is the idea that our catalogue isn’t a “destination spot”, rather it is found through a gateway, pointed out to an individual by a friend, colleague, application or some type of outside source. Fascinating.

While there will be, for the foreseeable future, individuals who have bookmarked our catalogue on their browser, there is an increasing amount of users who find us through RSS feeds, iPhone apps, friend recommendations or a social networking presence (such as Facebook). Of interest is how we are addressing this new form of access to our catalogue, in an environment of immediacy, brevity and short attention spans.

Recommended Readings
Always on: Libraries in a world of permanent connectivity by Lorcan Dempsey
Libraries on Move: Library Mobile Applications



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