Research Grant Awarded for Examination of Social Catalogues

Dr. Louise Spiteri (Dalhousie University) and I have been selected as OCLC-ALISE research grant recipients for 2010. Dalhousie University’s School of Information Management issued a press release on our research and the award. As expected, the news release features Dr. Spiteri, but I’m extremely excited to be a co-researcher. We’re looking forward to examining social catalogues and presenting on our findings throughout 2010 and 2011.



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3 responses to “Research Grant Awarded for Examination of Social Catalogues

  1. Louise Spiteri

    I would certainly like to give Laurel all the credit she deserves for helping put together this grant proposal. I look forward to analysing the results of our study.

  2. Kelly

    Congratulations–this looks very interesting!

  3. LynneW

    Laurel, that’s wonderful! Congratulations! And on such an interesting topic, too – I’m sure a number of us will be eager to see what develops.

    PS I would have been more timely with this, but my RSS feeds stopped updating sometime last week and I don’t know why, or how to fix it. So I’m manually checking the sites in my IE7 Feeds list … oy!

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