While not new, is a new blog to me. The author, Lukas Koster, is Head of the Library Systems Department of the Library of the University of Amsterdam.

If you’re interested in Library 2.0 as it applies to library catalogues, cataloguing and basically, library 2.0 with a technical services bent, you’ll want to read this blog. 

Here are excerpts from more recent posts:
Relevance in Context

If you do a search in a bibliographic database, you should find what you need, not just what you are looking for, or what the database “thinks” you are looking for….You want the results that are the most relevant for your search, with your specific objectives, at that specific point in time time, for your specific circumstances, and you want them immediately….
So, how should search systems behave to make you find what you need?

Linked Data for Libraries

Some time after I wrote “UMR – Unified Metadata Resources“, I came across Chris Keene’s post “Linked data & RDF : draft notes for comment“, “just a list of links and notes” about Linked Data, RDF and the Semantic Web, put together to start collecting information about “a topic that will greatly impact on the Library / Information management world” …

No future for libraries? Will library buildings and library catalogs survive the web?

Who needs MARC?


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