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What’s in a word?

Catalogablog had an interesting post on Friday.   An excerpt:

… Beth Jefferson from Bibliocommons said she doesn’t refer to their product as a social ILS. Amazon is not called a social book seller, they have lots of social content and tools, but that is just the way the Web works now. They are just a book seller and Bibliocommons is just an ILS ….

David links to the latest Library 2.0 webcast, which is where he was struck by Beth’s comment.  I admit, I also have found much of what Beth says useful.  At ALA, she emphasized the term “re-thinking” rather than “resuscitating” when speaking about the future of our library catalogues. 

What’s in a word?  There are always buzz words, words of the day and words to avoid.  For instance, “patron” is no longer acceptable, but “tweeting” is hot.  Is the term “social” out?  Isn’t it just a descriptor, or should we be looking at a bigger picture, where the “social” aspect is just one component of the next generation catalogue?


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