The Changing World of Authority Control

For those of you who read my ALA posts, you’ll remember that I rushed off from a NoveList focus group over to the Hilton, eagerly anticipating the session Continuing the Conversation: A further exploration of the brave new world of metadata. Unfortunately, I not only arrived late, but couldn’t find the room.

However, Barbara Tillett was kind enough to send me her slides from that session. Enjoy!

Also, for those of you who missed the announcements when they made the rounds on the listservs, here are the links to the revised RDA background documents.

A number of RDA background documents have been updated in line with the final RDA text supplied to the co-publishers for the first release, including the element analysis and the FRBR and FRAD mappings.

The list of AACR2 changes has also been revised, and now includes a
comparison of AACR2 SMDs with RDA vocabularies.

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