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CLA – Opening Day

I’m here in Montreal and finally, the sun came out.  It’s been a bit rainy, but warm, so I was still able to go out on Friday morning before the pre-conference for a run along the Promenade du Vieux-Port.  What a great way to see any city!  When the sun came out today, however, the city took on a whole new glow.  Beautiful!

Friday afternoon, I attended OCLC’s pre-conference session The New World of Metadata.  Ted Fons, Joel Summerlin and Eugene Roman were guest speakers at this session.  After the session, we had extra time to have some wine and snacks while chatting with other professionals on the subject of metadata, trends and ideas we have for our own libraries.

This morning, I was off to the opening ceremonies (after an excellent cup of coffee!).  Joseph Janes was our keynote speaker and while I cringed at some of his jokes about Americans (being American and living among Canadians), his talk was lively, informative and overall, quite enjoyable.  Some of the topics he touched on were key issues facing libraries, but he presented in a way that felt, well, hopeful.

This afternoon, I attended Nicole Engard’s presentation, Open Source Software for Libraries: Free Your Mind and Your Data Will Follow.  It was great to meet Nicole, given that we’ve spoken “virtually” several times.  Her session was full, and I was thrilled to see so many professionals from different areas of librarianship attending a session on open source software.  Who would have thought?  I’ll be linking to her blog in an upcoming post because her slides from this presentation will be located there (under publications and presentations).  And finally, I attended a fabulous session this evening sponsored by the the technical services interest group.  While drinking wine and enjoying some delicious treats, we were able to sit around and discuss the future of technical services in relation to social catalogues, tagging and, in general, our role in the future.  What a great way to share ideas and find out what problems (or triumphs) other professionals are experiencing in their libraries.

I’ll try to go into more detail in a later post.  Now, it’s dinner time and my food is waiting (and so is my husband!)


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