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Qualities of Successful Managers

The Palinet Leadership Network recently posted a new article, Qualities of Successful Managers.  Part of the article consists of one of my earlier blog posts, Talking about Management to New Library Professionals.   The remainder of the article features additional bloggers and their posts, discussing management and leadership. 

This is a timely article, given that graduation is right around the corner and there will soon be a flood of new professionals looking for opportunities and learning experiences.  As leaders in the profession, will you choose to help them? Mentor them?  We are, after all, responsible for shaping the next generation of librarians. 

I am extremely fortunate in my current position.  As a relatively new professional, I have outstanding managers.  They continue to provide me with opportunities and encourage projects and ideas.  As a result, I have become a better manager.  I have also seen managers in the opposite extreme – professionals who are published and well-known but lack the desire to encourage and foster an environment for professional development opportunities and ideas.  What type of manager (what type of LEADER) are you?


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Library of Congress to Offer Junior Fellows Summer Internships

From the Library of Congress Press release


“Rare comic books, wax-cylinder recordings, novelty postcards,

hand-colored films and a tale told on a hooked rug were among the

treasures uncovered by the 2008 class of Junior Fellows Summer Interns,

who located them among the copyright deposits and gifts that have come

into the nation’s library.”


“This summer the Library of Congress, home of the U.S. Copyright Office,

is once again offering special 10-week, paid internships to college

students. For a stipend of $3,000, the 2009 class of Junior Fellows

Summer Interns will work full-time between June 1 and Aug. 7 with staff

specialists to inventory, describe, and explore copyright and gift

collection holdings throughout the Library. The focus of the program is

on increasing access to collections by making them better known and

accessible to researchers including scholars, students, teachers,

creators, and the general public. In past years, summer interns have

worked with both American and international materials related to a

diversity of subjects, and in multiple formats including books,

manuscripts, music, film, pictures, and maps.”


“The application deadline is midnight, Wednesday, March 11. Applications

will be accepted only online and should be sent to the 2009 Summer

Intern Program Coordinating Committee at interns09@loc.gov

<mailto:interns09@loc.gov> . Questions about the program may be sent to

questions09@loc.gov <mailto:questions09@loc.gov> , and for information

on how to apply, visit http://www.loc.gov/hr/jrfellows/

<http://www.loc.gov/hr/jrfellows/> .”


“The interns will be exposed to a broad spectrum of library work:

preservation, reference, access standards, information management and

the U.S. copyright system. The program is made possible through the

generosity of the late Mrs. Jefferson Patterson.”


“In addition to the stipend (paid in bi-weekly segments), interns will

be eligible to take part in programs offered at the Library. Interns are

temporary employees of the Library, and as such are not eligible for

federal employee benefits and privileges.”


“The Library of Congress is an equal-opportunity employer. Women,

minorities and persons with disabilities who meet eligibility requirements are strongly encouraged to apply.”

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