What do you think? Check out the newest web-based cataloguing tool!

Nicole Engard on her blog What I Learned Today…  announced the launch of a new web-based cataloguing tool.  I’ve been eagerly anticipating this announcement.  Way to go Nicole!  I’m definitely going to give it a try and provide some feedback. 

From Nicole’s announcement:

So, what the heck is it? ‡biblios.net is a web-based original and copy cataloging tool with built in federated search of any Z39.50 target (via an integrated search registry with over 2000 targets – or by adding your own) and a large (30 million strong) shared database of catalog records. This means that you can visit ‡biblios.net and benefit from the work of other catalogers who have gone before you. You can also edit and contribute to the database without any restrictions.

I’m looking for both novice and professional catalogers to give me their opinions of the tools, services and overall user friendliness of ‡biblios.net. I am of course also looking for people to join the community so that this tool and grow and help us all with our cataloging work.


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