Social Catalogue – CLA and APLA conference summary

I have only just realized that the pdf of the conference summary I posted the other day is not easy to access.  You have to right click on the image and open the link to view.  So, to make it easier, I’ve posted the summary below.

The Impact of Social Cataloguing Sites on the Public Library Catalogue: Patrons, Social Tagging and the New Face of the Catalogue


Dr. Louise Spiteri is Associate Professor at the School of Information Management, Dalhousie University.  Dr. Spiteri teaches in the areas of metadata, cataloguing, classification, indexing, thesaurus construction, and records management. Dr. Spiteri’s research interests involve the creation of subject analysis systems, such as classification systems and thesauri.  Dr. Spiteri’s recent research has focused on the contributions of social tagging systems, or folksonomies, to the design of library catalogues.


Laurel Tarulli is the Collections Access Librarian at Halifax Public Libraries.  Her professional interests focus on the future of cataloguing, including social tagging, discovery tools and enhanced interaction between the library catalogue and its patrons.   As the author of the blog The Cataloguing Librarian, Ms. Tarulli not only focusses on the future of cataloguing, but the enhancement of Readers Advisory services through the library catalogue and information ethics.



Sites like LibraryThing, Junklog, and Bibliophil provide important examples of how comprehensive bibliographic records and library catalogues can be created to not only describe items in the library, but to also provide an important avenue for people to share their reading interests and to create interactive and dynamic communities of interest.


Dr. Spiteri will present on her paper, which examines and evaluates the social features and comprehensiveness of the catalogue records of 16 popular social cataloguing web sites to determine the extent to which the social and cataloguing features of the social cataloguing sites examined could or should impact the design of library catalogue records.


Laurel Tarulli will examine what’s happening in public library catalogues today.  Exploring new discovery tool platforms, providing ideas for collaborative projects among the patrons and staff, and enhancing existing features in the catalogue to create a social feel will be examined in this session.



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