While budget passes, WNY patrons continue to fight for bookmobile

The budget was passed and approval for the discontinuation of bookmobile service to patrons of the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System was upheld.  However, that isn’t stopping local patrons.  Many are hurt, angered or frustrated by the end of this service and continue to hold out hope that the service will be re-instated.

Letter writing campaigns have not only been started by adult patrons of the community, but West Valley Central School and the students, from what I have been told, are also taking an interest.  While some patrons and long-time residents accept that it is just another vital service that their towns will lose, others are not willing to admit defeat.  Many accept that the service will need to cease temporarily while funds are found, but also worry that if these funds are found that they will not be used to re-instate the bookmobile service but rather, be allocated to the physical branches.

Sue Feldman, a long-time resident of West Valley is spear-heading the campaign in West Valley.  Members from throughout the community have approached her and asked what they can do to help.  Others have already started writing their letters to local politicians and officials. 

It is refreshing to see communities feel so strongly about their libraries that they are fighting to keep their services.  Funding is being sought by the community members through State funding sources, Foundations and any other venue that can be found. 

If any of you have advice on additional funding, fundraising or ideas, please let me know.  Also, if you are aware of other libraries who struggle to fund their remote services and service to remote patrons, I’m interested in hearing from you too.  Especially from those libraries who have successfully sustained their funding of bookmobiles.


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