LibraryThing as an OPAC resource

LibraryThing, the popular social network book cataloging site, made waves in the library world with three significant announcements during the first week of August. Of the most direct benefit to libraries, LibraryThing announced on August 7 that it is now offering one million user-uploaded book covers for use in OPACS and other library software in a free service competing directly with similar offerings from companies like Syndetic Solutions that offer covers and bibliographic data to libraries for a fee. The book covers are freely available for retrieval and use via the LibraryThing Application Programming Interface (API), subject to relatively minor usage restrictions.”

This excerpt is from Library Journal’s article LibraryThing Releases One Million Free Covers.

Top three things that may affect us – or that we can take advantage of:

  • One million free cover images available for download and display in library OPACs
  • 30 million items cataloged by LibraryThing users to surpass LC collection size
  • to acquire minority stake in LibraryThing upon completion of AbeBooks purchase

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