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It occurred to me that many of you may want to see what our cataloguing wiki looks like and the kind of content that we are adding. Although the “official” wiki is housed on our local intranet, my “training” wiki* is not. Please feel free to view it and navigate around.

The content and layout of this wiki* are almost an exact replica of the wiki we are now using. I have added a logo and am considering a new “skin”, but that’s cosmetic. Not only do I want you to see the potential for your own departments, I welcome feedback. I’m sure there are things I can add, resources I am missing, or something I completely overlooked.

As a bit of a promotion for wikis – I highly suggest downloading and playing with wiki software. This is how the training wiki was born. I was able to play and really develop an understanding of how to use the software, the type of training that would be involved for staff and its usefulness prior to pitching it to management.

Here are a list of wikis you may also be interested in:

Smithsonian Library Wiki
Administrator: Mario Rups

University of Minnesota Libraries Wiki

Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki

Vanderbilt University Library Staff Wiki

Radical Reference Wiki

Nancy Pearl’s Booklust Wiki

Subject Guides Wiki

*The training wiki is no longer available via the internet.  I apologize for any inconvenience this causes.  However, please feel free to contanct me with your thoughts and questions.


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