Fresh and Exciting Outlook for Cataloguing in 2008

I am eager to jump into 2008 and make an impact on our profession.  Entering the second year in my current position and looking forward to all it continues to offer, I pause to reflect on who I want to be in the cataloguing world and what direction I would like to see our profession take.

From all that I’ve been reading and experiencing in my own cataloguing department, our future looks bright and we have a lot to look forward to.

In 2007 we started to notice more cataloguers creeping into the business sector. This increase in our popularity outside of the library world demonstrates that “for-profit” organizations are really keen to use us and our specialized skills.  The movement toward new descriptive rules is taking shape and our online community is growing through blogs, facebook and other forms of Web 2.0.  As a result, we are embracing new technologies and making them work for us, not letting them replace us.

With the emergence of more digital information our futures are looking bright.  I’m looking forward to increasing awareness of what we do and how we do it in 2008.  While continuing to share my own experiences in cataloguing, its challenges, the lastest cataloguing news and resources or tools that can assist all of us in our jobs, I’m also very interested in exploring the personal side of cataloguing – the cataloguer.  I will be discussing our professional responsibilities and the ethics that guide us in our role as cataloguers and public figures.

As for my own professional goals, I’d like to become more involved in the profession.  Hopefully this includes writing more articles for publication and taking part in committees or initiatives in the cataloguing world.

I hope all of you have had some time to think about what you want for the new year.  Hopefully, some of your goals involve contributing to our awesome profession.


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