LAC’s response to my October 29th post

Ms. Tarulli,

Thank you for writing to [the presenter] about your reaction to the presentation on Oct. 25th. I have reviewed the Powerpoint presentation and I support the material as it was presented. Nevertheless, as I was not in attendance, I do understand that sometimes messages can be interpreted in different ways. What may have been misinterpreted was the [presenter’s] reference to the importance for the library profession to re-evaluate its
role in light of digital publishing.

It is important to inform you that Library and Archives Canada continues to value and support the cataloguing function and those who perform it, as it does all others in the field of librarianship. At the same time, we do recognize that the approach to all facets of our work is changing in light of new technologies. For example, in the case of digital publications, new workflows are being developed that may result in acquisitions and cataloguing functions sometimes occurring simultaneously. As well, we are interested in finding new paradigms for supporting the catalogue function, such as incorporation of metadata supplied by publishers or others. These new methods clearly do not negate the need for cataloguing, but in fact support and reinforce the ongoing need for effective description of documents for access. It is my belief that the pressing need to organize the mass of information on the web will see cataloguing taking on even greater importance and this skill set will indeed be in high demand.

Again, thank you for expressing your views and allowing us to respond.

Library and Archives Canada
/ Bibliothèque et Archives Canada

*The reproduction of this email has been posted with the permission of Library and Archives Canada.


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